Things I Have Learned 2010-06

  • Whole Foods, that bastion of good green food, was founded in TEXAS!  (Austin, though) [source: Gita]
  • Adventures in Comprehensiveness, Wikipedia: A List of Ethnic Slurs.
  • Google generated $1.4 Billion of economic activity in NJ in 2009.  [source]
  • mien – n.  air or bearing especially as expressive of attitude or personality [source]
  • There is no such thing as a BRONTOSAURUS.  It was a hoax.  WTF. [source, also]


  • sai Says:

    Also Whole Foods lobbies for loosening of the “organic” standard.

  • rammy Says:

    i remembering finding out about the brontosaurus and being crushed. that was my favorite dino growing up. whenever my brothers and i played dinosaurs versus humans, i was the peace loving vegetarian gentle giant brontosaur. now, my anger has left me no choice but to be a velociraptor.

    brontosaurus, i still mourn you.

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