That my hours are few is palpable to me now, in ways that are likely unfathomable to my younger self, who was wealthy in time, hope, and energy. As such, old habits must yield to more constructive efforts. I am sure you have heard this song before. Somewhere along this course, I stopped recording, capturing, and writing. I aim to cure this.

AND SO, I have reset my feed reader to near-zero, turned in my badge as a level-one primary source Internet meme deputy, and hope to use this time in positive ways. Perhaps stop squeezing amusement or distraction from every parcel of time. Let my brain breathe.

My goals: (1) read a novel that does not contain word balloons, (2) write a short novel, and (3) make the most beautiful, elegant, clever, and intelligent woman I can find fall in love with me. These items may not be sorted order of difficulty.

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