Goodbye manhattan

Dear Manhattan,

To you dear island I say goodbye. After 11 years, I quit you, you hungry furnace for change and ambition. I have always said that you were at your most troublesome when all your denizens try to have fun simultaneously, i.e. Valentine’s day, New Year’s Eve, but of late, every weekend has that feel. Must a mild dinner on Saturday require queuing with the neverending crush of patrons, transplants, and river crossers? Gushing about how you are the greatest city in the world is for the FOPs1. The new sport is watching one restaurant-bar-lounge paper over its predecessor. By the third go-around, I’m ready to leave.

And so, I am downshifting and decamping to Brooklyn. Hold my mail, I’ll come by time to time.

Yours truly,

  1. Fresh off the plane []

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