Things I Learned – 2010-11

  • Taking Acetyl L-Carnitine will boost your memory and cognitive functions.  [Dr. Oz]
  • Fort Lee, NJ is named for General Charles Lee, a shitty general from the Revolutionary War.  He was like Lt. Dike of Foy but of the Battle of Monmouth.  [source]
  • tony – adj. high-toned; stylish [source]
  • tendentious – adj. expressing or intending to promote a particular cause or point of view, esp. a controversial one: “a tendentious reading of history” [source]
  • a “rat king” is when when a number of rats become intertwined at their tails, which become stuck together with blood, dirt, ice, excrement or simply knotted. The animals reputedly grow together while joined at the tails.  [source, with PHOTO]
  • “Meconium” is the first stool of an infant.  It’s often greenish.  [source] [wikipedia with PHOTO]
  • A 60-year long breeding experiment in Siberia produced a domesticated silver fox (tamer to better handle fur trading).  It’s rather dog-like. [via] [more info]

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