camera gone

I sold my camera the other day.   I decided that since I was not traveling anymore, and since I spent most of my free time avoiding happiness (ha ha, that is a lawyer joke) , that there was no point to owning a device hurtling towards obsolescence.  So I sold it on Craigslist.  I took that camera through India, China, Bali, Argentina, Cambodia, and lugged its 1.15 lb ass all the way through the Swiss Alps, and now it’s gone.  Whatever.   I am trying to learn to be less sentimental about my material possessions.  Saving my emotional energy for that which truly matters, like the warm, asphyxiating embrace of inter-human relationships.


  • katie Says:

    “hurtling towards obsolescence” … really?! how sad.

  • Selfish Crab Says:

    Well, I bought the camera 4 years ago, and the modern equivalent now can shoot HD video and has 2.5x the resolution of images. Still, it served me well, and was the first in a great line of DSLRS. Honestly, compact cameras have gotten so good these past few years that I think the amateur SLR market is done for. Instead, I was going to buy a fast and light Canon S95, but they are all sold out. Everywhere.

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