Things I Learned 2011-01

I like putting the via’s because it shows how new knowledge is everywhere if you just goddamn pay attention to what you do not know.
  • The kiwifruit used to be known as the Chinese gooseberry, until an international importer got their mitts on it. [via]
  • roustabout – n. a labourer typically performing temporary, unskilled work. The term has traditionally been used to refer to traveling-circus workers or oil rig workers. [via]
  • Aztec priests used to choose a man to represent one of their gods, Tezcatlipoca. The man would be worshiped as a god for a year, wearing expensive jewellery and having eight attendants. He would marry four young women, and spent his last week singing, feasting and dancing.  But at a preordained date during on a festival, he climbed the stairs to the top of the temple on his own where the priests seized him and sacrificed him, his body being eaten later.  Immediately after he died a new victim for the next year’s ceremony was chosen. [via]
  • Possums are formally known as opossums.  Oh, and they involuntarily excrete a foul-smelling liquid from their anal glands when they play dead.  Convincing bastards.  [via]
  • Patent of the month: Garment Device Convertible to One or More Facemasks [via]

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