Superbowl XLV commercial recap

My thoughts after skipping almost the entirety of the game, and watching all the commercials afterwards on Hulu.

Sell-out of the year?  Tie between Eminem for Lipton Ice Tea. or Black Eyed Peas for  You could argue that Eminem’s commercial was at least self-referential with regards to his endorsement, while there is now a site called

Every PepsiMax commercial was awful.

Best commercial, hands-down, was Chrysler’s “Imported from Detroit“.   Statement piece. Shifts the conversation about their company.  Takes their disadvantage (decrepit Detroit) and turns it to their strength.  Some is serious Don Draper Wheel of Life shit.  Even the Eminem (active day for him, eh?) cameo was dead-on because does anyone else represent Detroit and rebirth better than him?

Imported from Detroit

Apparently, cut-throat coupon competitors GroupOn and LivingSocial both had commercials. GroupOn wins. LivingSocial’s makes me scratch my head as to what I just watched or what the take-away was supposed to be.



The beer commercials keep getting weaker and weaker.   At least nothing was overtly sexist or degrading this year.  Stella Artois’ “Crying Jean” is the only one that stirred anything in me.

Creepiest commercial: there are a number of incredibly creepy commercials this year. Which makes you shudder more: “Doritos the Best Part” or this Android commercial?

The Best Part

Sony Ericcson’s PLAY android commercial

Which commercials stuck out with you?

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  • attackgecko Says:

    I thought the chrysler commercial was a nice play considering they are now owned by fiat (and thus, in a way, no longer american) and I believe this is the first new chrysler model to be born in the fiat regime. So, “imported from detroit” is a good way to sum it up.

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