Dialogue: Polar lounge

Scene: in front of a manhattan bar. A line. Four dudes approach.

Dude 1: Man, a sausage fest. Someone call Cheeks. He knows everyone. He’ll get us in.
Dude 2: yeah.
Dude 1: I smell Doritos.
Dude 3: what.
Dude 1: someone is eating Doritos.
Me: I’m eating Doritos.
Dude 1: light dinner, huh?
Me: yeah… How’d you know? I had fries for dinner
Dude 1: that’s not very healthy, man.
Dude 2: was that cool ranch?
Me: yes.
Dude 1: what kind of dinner is Doritos?
Me: why do you care?
Dude 1: I’m just saying, not very healthy.
Me: life is short. Whatever.
Dude 1: life will be shorter.
Me: thanks.
Dude 1: just saying…
Me: okay.
Dude 2: I want some doritos…

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