The Social network – review

Recently saw the film The Social Network, and I question what the universal acclaim is for. Isn’t this merely “Pirates of Silicon Valley” but with better writing and directing?

I suppose that’s ironic criticism for a movie whose very subject matter is about an origin and worth of an idea. If Steve Jobs has taught us anything, it’s that actualized execution is what has the most value, not a mere idea. In this case, Zucks’ clean and simple design (as compared to Adam Goldberg’s “CU Connections”) won him a lot of users. The Winklevoss clowns remind me of every friend or friend a friend that’s ever come up to me and said “We got a great idea, we just need a programmer.” Really? You just need a person that will be providing all or nearly all of the value while you have no useful skills whatsoever?

Also, who knew 100% of all Facebook founders love Asian girls? (Zuckerberg is taking Mandarin lessons for Priscilla, and apparently Eduardo is living in candy land in Singapore). This movie must be the most widely seen documentation of WGWAGs since, why, perhaps, the Joy Luck Club?

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