Reunion notes

Best job of classmates:
1st place: Director of veterinarian public health for City of New York
Runner up: Historian

Best meet cute with spouse:
1st place: “We met at Circle.”
Runner up: “My visa was up.”

Best career change:
1st place: left law firm job, created health care startup.
Runner up: left law firm job, became statistician. (DO YOU SEE A THEME)

Most fascinating person I met but never knew during college:
1st place: a guy named Miguel, who
is living in Panama, where he works for the Panama Canal.

Best quote:
1st place: “I think [your friend] hooked up with every one of my friends except for me. I’m almost insulted.”
Runner up: “You look… older.”


Revisiting your old late night food places, after your college reunion banquet and drunk, is the most visceral way to learn that nostalgia is a fool’s game. Whether we knew contemporaneously that koronets pizza was sour flatbread and our fond memories made it sweeter in the intervening years, or we are re-judging old plates with more worldly palettes, or maybe the place just went to crap since we left. That is to say, nice moments in time are almost never reproducible.

Reminds me of fireflies at dusk. You know: Blink. BLINK. At once: seemingly ubiquitous, beautiful, regular, oh, common. BLINK. Then a last round of lights fades and you wished the fireflies had just warned you that this was the last round so you savored it but all you can do now is memorize a fading light.


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