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Got a few proof of life pings on this blog.  A full calendar year since the last post would suggest I shut this shit down. On the other hand, an old friend, upon a recent visit here, commented that I seemed more angry and bitter.  No!, I countered, Life is sunny and my new writings will establish this.  Just you see.

Closing cancelled

I am such an absentee landlord that i cannot even be bothered to shutter this place. I guess i will keep you around after all. Happy 11th anniversary, blog.

Uh I think I’m going to shutter this blog in April. Because I’m sick of not posting. So thanks for all the memories of blogging for over 11 years with most of my friends not participating at all in blogs or any of my other hobbies. See you on a social network or two.

Crab dump

I have concluded, after some consultation with an actuary table, that I am likely to perish soon in an automobile accident. Which is a shame because I am an untapped treasure of wild and wonky opinions. As such, I have resolved to perform a brain dump, starting forthwith.

happy anniversary

Whoops, forgot my own anniversary. As of last week, I have been blogging for 10 years. Whatever. I’m over it.

I post in spurts.

upgrade ate my taglines

Apparently upgrading my WordPress installation caused my tagline plug-in to swallow all the taglines I was using.  So they are lost to Aether, and I cannot personally remember any of them.

If you have a favorite, post it in the comments, or suggest a new one.

That’s Nine

Blog turned 9 years old over the weekend. If it was my illegitimate child, I would be halfway done with the support payments. Hope everyone else had an unremarkable weekend.

facebook connect

Survey:  If I added Facebook Connect functionality to this blog, would that make it more likely, less likel, or about the same likely for you to leave comments?

note: feet

Installed a footnote plugin.1

  1. WP-Footnotes []

upgrade: threaded comments

Instead of sleeping, or studying Evidence, I added some “threaded comments” magic to the blog.   You can now reply directly to a comment.  And it will show up nested.

Let’s just say, between we friends, that WordPress is an under-documented project.  I felt altruistic and added some documentation to their Codex, which involved me cutting and pasting source code comments in their wiki.

I also made my template “widget-aware”.   More changes to come.  Any readers have any feature requests?  I like how I pretend I have hundreds of readers that care fervently how this house is maintained.


Instead of sleeping, I decided to add some branding to this blog. See image at top right. I actually bought a license to this image from Fotolia. I typed “asshole crab” into its search engine and this is what it returned. “Crab curmudgeon who is in fact a sweetheart underneath it all” returned no results.   It never does.


Let’s face it:  I need more content, insightful and original, beyond my typical self-absorbed musings.  I am jealous of Irina’s undoubtedly soaring page views.   Perhaps I will write at length about Chinese restaurants, or maybe report on my experiment with Quitting Books.  Stay tuned.


I have cooled off.   This is how I feel now:

YouTube Preview Image

comments back

After a brief hiatus, comment-making capabilities are restored to this site. A tumult of outcry from people who rarely comment have righted the Selfish ship. Thank you. I also touched up the design, which is looking increasingly long in the tooth. You all read this site through an RSS reader anyway, right?

Um, nothing to see here. Just experimenting a way to get some link blog action going. So far the results are ass. Stay tuned.

bad listener

I may be more interested in asking my questions than listening to the answers.

What do you think?

happy seven

Suspend your disbelief, readers. Today this blog celebrates its seventh birthday. That is seven years of more-or-less continuous writing. I still have total recall of sitting in my dorm room, in my underwear, rolling out those first words, full of pith and cheese.

I am unsure what I have gained or lost from this entire enterprise, but I suppose, barring adverse effects, such as loss of employ, romantic straits, ennui, I might as well keep going. Thank you for your continued readership; a blog without readers is like a barbecue without beer.